Mind-reading Technology


Neurowear has recently released another one of their brainwave-reading devices. The “Mico” is a set of headphones that makes use of a sensor to detect what mood you are in. Once your mood has been recognised, appropriate songs from the “Mico” database are selected and played via Bluetooth, through the correlating iOS app on your Smartphone.

This device is ingenious if you consider that you will never again have to raise your tired arm to search your iPod and find that song that makes your depression ever so deeper. Although no longer having to manually switch between songs is probably what the vast majority of the technologically advanced on this planet have been waiting for, they have not done much in terms of design. Not only is it primarily made up of two mammoth saucer-like speakers, but the sensor is inconveniently placed right across the users’ noggin. Furthermore, just in case the nerves from noticing an onlooker across the room was not bad enough, they strategically placed LED signs on the giant saucers, so that everyone around will know exactly how you are feeling.

As for the song selection, all are organized according to mood and stored on the “Mico” database, which however currently only consists of approximately 100 songs. This concept is not unlike their recently released Zen Tunes. According to Engadget’s Brian Heater, the company has welcomed the possibility of further development and a potential correspondence with Spotify, to increase their musical log. After testing the device at this year’s CES in Las Vegas, Heater further observed that, “it determined that our mood was ‘focused’, but it’s hard to say if the whole thing is just kind of a crapshoot”.

Neurowear previously designed similar brainwave-reading innovations, one being the “Necomimi” electronic cat ears. The ears which are attached to a headband also read your brain waves so that when you are feeling crestfallen your cat ears will droop, or when you are concentrating they will become pointy. Not long after “Necomimi” hit the streets of Japan, “Shippo” followed suit; their matching wagging tail, of course.

There seems to be no scheduled date for public release, but if you are interested, take a look at their “Mico” website for further updates and details.


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