Woo-Hoo, Ducktales are back!


Yesterday in Boston at PAX East, CAPCOM announced that they are planning on reviving their classic 1989 videogame Ducktales. Ducktales Remastered will be released sometime later this year on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and Wii U, for $14.99. The new updated game has been developed by WayForward, the same wizards of videogame who brought us Adventure Time, Contra 4, and Mighty Switch Force.

The new version is nothing as outdated as the original 8-bit. All of the characters, including great-nephew sidekicks Huey, Dewey, and Louie have been redrawn to fit in with Disney’s signature style hand-drawn animation. And just in-case that has not yet freed the spirit of the 80s kid in you, then the fact that the original voice-talent has come out of hiding and provided all new voice recordings for the legendary Scrooge McDuck will. Alan Young, who has provided McDuck’s vocal stylings in almost all of the Ducktales games, movies and TV shows since 1983, has collaborated with the other Disney TV series original voice stars. WayForward has also kept the original music composed by Yoshihiro Sakaguchi, only updating them slightly. The game will also entertain players with additional features, new sets of controls, HD graphics and a 3D background element the first game could not imagine competing with.  I can still remember the Disney cartoon that had constant reruns until the early 2000s, and who could forget those magical plastic NES cartridges.

If, like me, you are having crazy hallucinatory flashbacks of the good-old days, do not despair, according to examiner.com there is plenty more where that came from, “It’s possible that we’ll see a complete reboot of the ‘Resident Evil’ series or even another entry”. They will also be releasing Dungeons and Dragons Tower of Doom and Shadows over Mystara into a new similarly revamped HD version, but as a double pack entitled Chronicles of Mystara. It would seem that Capcom is trying to reconnect with an audience long forgotten; they have opened the castle door on many players’ memories and have even promised that their games will be “just like you remember.”


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