OK Glass, RIP Privacy: The Democratization Of Surveillance


How’s this for synchronicity: Google Glass started shipping on the same week that CISPA passed the House, 3DRobotics unveiled their new site, and 4chan and Reddit pored over surveillance photos trying to crowdsource the identity of the Boston bombers.

Cameras on phones. Cameras on drones. Cameras on glasses. Cameras atop stores, in ATMs, on the street, on lapels, up high in the sky. Modern cars log detailed data their manufacturers can access if they so desire. Oh, and “if you carry a phone, your location is being recorded every minute of every day.”

In 1999, Sun CEO Scott McNealy said: “You have zero privacy anyway. Get over it.” Sadly, that sounds more prophetic every week.

I’ve been arguing for years that “Soon enough, pseudonymity and anonymity will only exist online; in the real world…they’ll be more or less extinct.” The hunt…

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Smells like Movie Spirit


Finally, after countless years of waiting, our prayers have been answered. We are about to be graced with the reinvented, and hopefully perfected, smell-o-vision. 4DX technology has promised to entertain us with its cinema of sensory overload in addition to the usual visual stimulation that has kept the local movie house from going under. Continue reading

Wearable technology and its future as more than just a fancy gadget.

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Headphones: a more accessible example of wearable technology.

If you have had any interest in recent technology news, and considering the fact that you are reading this then I am assuming you have heard more than enough about wearable technology. Continue reading

A News Analysis: The BlackBerry Z10

Image From: http://www.firstpost.com/tech/images-blackberrys-launch-of-z10-and-q10-smartphones-608314.html

In this news analysis three articles written about the release of the new BlackBerry Z10 will be examined. The news was covered internationally, nationally and locally, therefore each article shows the different ways in which information is interpreted and portrayed by the media. Close attention will be paid to the structures of agenda setting, priming, framing and objectivity. Continue reading

Woo-Hoo, Ducktales are back!


Yesterday in Boston at PAX East, CAPCOM announced that they are planning on reviving their classic 1989 videogame Ducktales. Ducktales Remastered will be released sometime later this year on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and Wii U, for $14.99. The new updated game has been developed by WayForward, the same wizards of videogame who brought us Adventure Time, Contra 4, and Mighty Switch Force. Continue reading